We have a wide range of flavours available for tiered cakes.

You can choose 2 flavours per tier. 

Semi-naked and Buttercream cakes are covered in buttercream.

Fondant cakes will be covered in a layer of chocolate or white chocolate ganache before the fondant.

Please note 3D novelty cakes are only available in choc based flavours, as it is sturdier for carving.

Cupcakes are available in any of the 'Spice of Life' flavours.

If you have allergies, we have plenty of options for you! Just stipulate upon ordering which allergies you or your guests have. We try our best to avoid contamination, but cannot guarantee.



Flavours You Probably Know and Love

Vantastic Vanilla

A buttercake mud cake hybrid that's not dry or dense, just delicious!

Chocolate Celebration

Good old chocolate mud cake, layered with choc ganache filling.

Marble Medley

Can't decide between vanilla and choc? Have them both!

White Raspberry Ripple

An all round winner. You can't go wrong with white choc and raspberry.

Choc Raspberry Ripple

Prefer your raspberry with chocolate cake? No problem. We've got you.

Luscious Lemon

If you like a tangy, refreshing cake this is the one for you.

OMG Orange Poppy

A fan favourite! Zesty orange scattered with poppyseeds throughout.

Crazy Caramel

Caramel's the name, caramel's the game.

Mars Bar Mud

Swirls of choc and caramel cakes make this a tough one to beat.

Just Jaffa

Orange flavoured chocolate cake through and through.

Magical Mint 

A chocolate mint lover's paradise!

Coco Cherry Choc

If you love a Cherry Ripe then look no further!

Mocha Moment

A mash up of chocolate and coffee cake marbled together to create this one.

Coffee Addict

If you need your coffee hit in cake form, this is the one for you.

Feeling Fruity

Our fruit cake is packed full of the usual suspects, but has a lovely hint of caramel to make it stand out from the crowd.



Globally Influenced Flavours

Cookies & Cream American Dream

If you like Oreos, you'll love this!

Anyone for Wimbledon?

Pretend you're there with a strawberries and cream classic combo.

Persian Love Cake

Featuring a wonderful medley of almond, rosewater and pistachio flavours.


Choc, vanilla and coffee cake swirled together and filled with Kahlua enhanced buttercream. Bellissimo!

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

Inspired by the Lamington, this coconut cake has swirls of chocolate and jam filling.

Champion Chai

Originating from India, the aromatic spices give this cake an incredible flavour.

Heavenly Hummingbird

This Jamaican cake will instantly put you in a tropical mood, featuring pineapple, banana and spices. Kick back and enjoy a taste of paradise. Please note this flavour is not available in fondant cakes.



Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Nuts - You Won't Find Them Here

Gluten Free

Our gluten free vanilla cakes can be enhanced with the following flavours:

Raspberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Orange, Lemon, Coffee

Our gluten free chocolate cakes can be enhanced with:

Mint, Raspberry, Orange, Cherry, Coconut

Dairy & Egg Free / Vegan

Our dairy free and egg free options are also suitable for vegans.

Our dairy and egg free vanilla cakes can be enhanced with the following flavours:

Raspberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Orange, Lemon, Coffee

Our dairy and egg free chocolate cakes can be enhanced with:

Mint, Raspberry, Orange, Cherry, Coconut

Please let us know the exact dietary requirements, particularly for coeliacs.



Vanilla Bean Dream

A buttery flavour cookie with vanilla bean throughout

Ginger Ninja

A wonderfully spiced gingerbread to make you have that festive feeling all year round

Zesty Bestie

Put a little lemon zing in your cookie

Choc O'Clock

A bit like a brownie masquerading as a cookie

Gluten Free for Me

A vanilla cookie that's kind to gluten free bellies

Vegan Vanilla

No dairy or egg to be found in this vanilla alternative